Sunday, March 07, 2010

I tried to make it an even month.

I'm going to resist starting this with 'wow, it's been a while' or 'I'm such a rubbish blogger...' Nope, those don't count - I'm just quoting myself.

Started my new job at the uni, it's great :) I lasted a week before coming down with the flu and being off a full week. Tried going in on Thursday but was sent home by the nice ladies in my office within the hour. But like my cousin says, should always listen to the ladies cos they tend to be right...

As I've had the flu, I've spent all the time I've not been asleep or wallowing (which was most of last week - well, mostly asleep. I barely wallowed) watching rubbish TV shows. For example - Accidentally on Purpose. Has anyone seen this gem? Yep, it stars Jenna Elfman from Dharma & Greg and it's amusing enough to watch when you're in bed with flu. Not really at any other time.

My sister and I were always big fans of Dharma & Greg. I'm sure she'd deny it if asked, though. Isn't it amusing though that Elfman went on to do Accidentally on Purpose (genius as it may be...) whereas the male lead, Thomas Gibson went on to do Criminal Minds? Well, I find it amusing. I love Criminal Minds. But I won't make the mistake of watching it when home alone for a weekend again - and Mike won't watch it with me... boo! I should probably stick to reading scary things rather than watching them.

I've pretty much run out of books to read. I don't like re-reading things too soon after having read them, it seems like a waste to me... but don't think I'll get rid of books! I do need another book case or two though. A bigger house maybe - with a library... ooh. I need to marry someone rich.



Meg said...

i watched like, the first 2 or 3 episodes of Accidentally on Purpose and then stopped. it was alright, but i'd rather watch either the end of Antiques Roadshow or a rerun of Golden Girl's that's on at the same time.

Julia said...

Hehe! It's alright but nothing I'd write home about. Ignore the fact that I actually wrote a blog post about it... :P

Have never seen Golden Girls...