Monday, March 15, 2010

Home time.

Not really had a proper headache in ages (being ill doesn't count) but today I've got one. Moanmoanmoan. I moan too much.

It's really windy outside, maybe a refreshing walk home will make it all better?

Have finished work now but am still sat at my desk. I quite like it here. The thing I liked the least about my job in Manchester (as well as other jobs I've had - but that one in particular) was that my back was towards everyone else in the office. Not that I'd take the piss and surf the web all day, but I don't like people being behind me like that for many reasons. Certain technicians used to take full advantage of this and sneak up on me. Anyway, my point was... that I'm basically in the corner here. Half turned away from a colleague but no one can walk up behind me. Win!

Had lunch with a Nathan today who has his own office. Well, nearly his own anyway! Was nice to catch up a bit.

Got my step counter on today - so far I'm on 9332 steps today. Which, considering I have a desk job, isn't too bad...

Poor Mike's gears have all fallen off, half way to work... Gears on his bike, that is. Not car, luckily... I guess that's what you get for trying to be healthy ;)


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