Monday, March 15, 2010

Helmets compulsory for under 18s in Jersey.

For some reason I've got Defying Gravity stuck in my head. Odd.

This annoys me, why is there even a debate? I just don't understand how people are opposed to wearing helmets. Or, to their children wearing helmets. A friend of the family had a rather horrific bike accident and will never be the same again - people don't realise how big a difference a helmet can make. And no, it wasn't due to a car or there 'not being proper speed limits' as the guy claims.

Are people really so vain and stubborn so they won't bike if they have to wear a helmet? I agree with the parent who says it's like seatbelts - it'll become second nature before long if it's compulsory.

That was a shorter rant than in my head - but it's time to go to work! Well done Jersey!

What do you think? Do you wear a helmet when you bike? Would you stop biking if you had to wear a helmet?


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