Monday, October 11, 2010

Radio Julia.

If I was in charge of choosing the music for any radio station it'd be so different. The radio is lame. Especially lame when your taste in music differs from that of the person you're with. Ok, we don't disagree on everything. Far from everything. But... Come on, Steve Lawler? Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

I also wish I could have music on at work. I can, sometimes. Depending on who's in. But if I don't want to offend by making people listen to music they really don't like.

I suppose headphones may be the way forward - but mine are big chunky (red!) closed-cup ones so I think I'd look a bit rude! In-ear ones just fall out of my ears, it's the Backelin-curse... ;)

When I worked at Manchester we'd have some great music blasting (ahem, I mean... on a very reasonable volume) in the office. It was fantastic - Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse, any and all rock you can imagine. Louise, you need to come work with me here.

That sounds so mean - my colleagues are lovely! But there's less Dylan in my current office.

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Radio Waves said...

Once they're not like this ;)