Saturday, October 09, 2010

Coming of age, musically.

I've been listening to the Pixies a fair bit recently. Can't believe I pretty much missed them out in my musical education/coming of age/whatever.

Instead there was a whole lot of Swedish 'trallpunk'. Like Ebba Gron, Imperiet, DLK... I listened to Silverchair, a lot. A lot is probably an understatement. Nirvana's a given. Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, AC/DC. I was something of a... I don't even know how to label myself at 15. Grunge I think.

Yet I missed out on Pixies. Lame. Definitely have some catching up to do.

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Radio Waves said...

Sliverchair :) Yeah, it's odd...there's a lot of catch that can be done with certain groups, though I have some Pixies CDs I hardly listen to them...must revisit.

I knew almost nothing about music when in school. A classmate once mockingly scoffed that I liked a track that was no longer in the charts. It was Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity *cough*