Friday, October 22, 2010

From Russia with love.

Inventive title, I know. While I'm in Portugal I thought I'd show you some photos from Russia... We took over 1000 (that's just me & Mike, I've not even seen all of mum&dad's, Joanna's and Dennis'...) so this is just a snapshot, if you will. Ha ha ha.

Scary scaffolding...

My new home. Funnily enough it's the same colour as my old room back home. Or, it will be until my parents redecorate it... sniff. I suppose it has had a good 15 years of being lovely bright blue!

Me and my friend Bear. (The Swedish word for bear is also a man's name... bit of trivia for ya!)

Wonderful restaurant. I have to admit I've forgotten if this was the Armenian or Azerbadjani one though? Ohyes, the walls are textured. They looked yummy.

I was only kidding earlier, this is my new house.


Joanna said...

It was the Azerbaijani one. The one with the knife dancing.

Julia said...