Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bitty writing.

8.46am. Busy day ahead - am on just over 4000 words and will get to 6000 today. At least. Not been sticking to my plan at all (no surprises there!) but that's ok. This is manageable. Or is it managable?

The presentation went well. Am quite pleased.

Tomorrow is Mike's birthday. We've bought each other a TV as birthday present - it will arrive tomorrow. Our old one gave up (imploded!) just before we went to Sweden 6 weeks ago. It was rather undramatic really - the light kind of went smaller and smaller dead quick, then there was a pop and it wasn't working. So we've been using our old little one. Looks ridiculous in our rather large front room.

I miss sewing. When I've handed in my dissertation I've got a number of things on my to-do list... Sewing. Format my hard drive and sort out all files/programs. Find a job. And so on. Probably in that order as well.

I've been reading Pauline's blog and it makes me want to write more. But every time I do it ends up like this. Bitty. Not very interesting.

Oh well.

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Mau said...

Vad snällt av dig att länka, och framförallt kul att du följer mitt turistande! *haha* Kanske inte blir lika uttömmande reportage när jag väl börjar jobba i labbet... Men roligt så länge det varar! Lycka till med nya TV:n ;)