Monday, September 21, 2009


I'll fill you in on a little secret. I'm bored. I'm lazy. I've zero motivation. If things don't work the first time I tend to give up. If Mike didn't push me to keep trying I'd quite happily just not.

Actually, I don't know if that's true. But it sure feels like it.

Didn't get to sleep til very late again last night. This morning there was a massive spider in our bedroom. Not what you want! But I suppose it being alive and well in the morning means it didn't creep into my mouth overnight and I didn't chew on it.

3 weeks til the big ball & fair now. World Mental Health day is coming up! If you're in Nottingham on 10th October come check it out! Nottingham CVS on Mansfield Road, 11-3!

I've no idea what to wear to the ball. Not going to buy something new - if I manage to gather some motivation I might make something. If not, I'll wear the green dress I wore to Mike's cousin's wedding. Not very ball-y but it's a pretty dress!

In just over a week it's my great uncle's 90th. Amazing. Most of that side of my family have lived to be nearly - or around - that age. Some time I'll write about them. But for now I just have to remember to send a card. A nice one.

Today I'm sat in the lab again. It gets boring. Not so cold today though! The plan for the day is to look at voice quality. And figure out why my VSA&VAI results are so messed up. Stupid things.

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