Sunday, September 27, 2009

I've always relied on the kindness of strangers.

The other day I was waiting for the bus up to uni. It was one of those crisp, amazingly sunny September mornings. This man kept looking over at me. I didn't think much of it, but after a while he was just staring... So I looked back at him, you know the way you do when you really just want to say 'what the hell are you staring at?!'

He came over, and said 'I'm sorry - you have a bee on your head'

Eek! Instinct tells me to run squeaking away from bees. Or freeze. I froze.

He said 'Can I.. do you mind if I touch your head?'

I said of course not. He proceeded to waft it from one side of my head, over across the top and near my ear on the other side, and then give it a little slap so it fell to the floor. He then said 'it's there, can you see it? I'm really sorry, I don't like killing living things.' I said that's fine, and we concluded that it was probably too cold for the bee to start flying around any time soon.

It strikes me how you can jump to conclusions about people like that. He was only trying to stop me getting stung by this bee, and I'd already started to conclude he was a weirdo, and wondering why on earth he kept looking at me.

I don't like judging on first glance. But I know I do it. I'm not the worst kind though; I'm open to having my mind changed radically.

I'm actually not sure if it was a bee or a wasp. Either way - I didn't like it sitting on my head. And I would've liked getting stung even less. So thank you, nice man.

I wanted to share this photo I took on campus that same morning. Lovely, I thought.


Aliquant said...

That's really cool of him to try to help by getting rid of it for you, hoobloads of peeps would have probably left you to it. But it ain't your fault if the first thing that came into your mind was "dude, wot you staring at?", my guess is that out of the last 10 people who've ever stared at you, 1 was actively being a weirdo, 8 of them were just staring because you were a focal point to look at while they were waiting for the bus/to cross the road/enlightenment to hit them, and the other 1 was trying to do something helpful like this dude. I'm always getting into trouble for staring at people! I look through them and don't even notice what I'm apparently looking at, but then all of a sudden I feel them glaring and I realise I've been outwardly ogling their boobs for the past ten minutes when in actual fact I wasn't looking at anything, their boobs just happened to be in the way of my wandering eyes ::)
So although most peeps probably aren't out to be weird, methinks you can be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion over any other - self-preservation and all that ;)
And hurrah for not getting stung!! :D

Fiona said...

hi dear - what a fun blog, I could while away the hours doing this. You take great photos by the way.

There's a woman that I often stare at cos I think she looks gorgeous, she's got really striking looks and she probably notices me staring and wonders about me being a weirdo. As you know I am heterosexual so I even feel weird when I do it....

Julia said...

Thank you Fiona! I've always had grand ideas for the blog but something always gets in the way. Like.. real life ;)

You're both right, of course. People do just 'stare' without meaning to. I do it a lot. But when I do it I *know* I don't mean anything by it, I don't know that when I'm being stared at. Haha.