Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dag 01 – Om mig (about me)

I really struggle with this question. Like in a job interview, 'tell us a little bit about yourself'.

I could tell you my age, but you probably know it already. I could tell you where I live, I could tell you what I like to eat, what my favourite colour is... but would that be interesting, really?

Oh, ok then. Let's do a fun bullet point list!

  • I like most colours, as strong and vibrant as possible! I've a weakness for red with white polka dots.
  • I could not care any less about football. Or really, any sport. But especially football.
  • I have a selection of Tigger mugs in all different sizes. It's not that I collect them as such, I just really like them. When I lived in halls someone stole my favourite one and I still miss it.
  • I quite enjoy walking these days.
  • Words are the best things ever and my head never shuts up. I just don't articulate them very often.
  • I'm 25 and it keeps surprising me how grown up this really is. Old friends are getting married and having babies and I've only just barely become a grown up!
  • I prefer a quiet night in to going out on the lash. Ok, maybe the above isn't so surprising!
  • I'm finding myself slightly homesick lately and I'm pleased I get to go home at the end of the month. If only for a week.
  • I'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to checking my emails and my phone. A night off is a night away from the computer.
  • I think the guy on BBC Breakfast is fantastic.
  • Politics amuses me but I can't bring myself to be interested in it.

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