Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On writing.

I would like to write again. I say this a lot, I know. But as you'll have noticed from my lack of activity on here I've not had much time for any kind of writing, unfortunately.

What would I like to write? And why would I like to write? If I had the choice - as we so often wish we did - I'd write something that made a difference. To someone, anyone.

A lot of what I read at the moment (online, that is) is mindless. Rubbish. Surely I could do better? Some is witty descriptions of their every day life, and is actually amusing. I could do that? Not much, but some, of what I read is commentary on current affairs, to do with mental health or in other ways 'interest'-blogs. But what am I interested in? More to the point, what am I interested enough in to write insightful, entertaining blog posts about?

I recently promised someone I went to uni with to read and comment on a short story he's recently written (I haven't done this yet, but will tonight. Promise!). He's clearly carried on writing. Maybe not continuously since he left Lancaster back in, oh 2007? - but he's writing. And of that I am jealous.

So, where is my inspiration? How do I stop being such a grumpy sod complaining about not writing, and just make myself write?

Over and out.

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Radio Waves said...

I know what you mean. Maybe writing for the sake of writing, might light the spark for something better.

I had an idea on the bus the other day, not particularly original, but I only managed 200 words.