Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We went to Sweden for Christmas - was wonderful. Loads of snow (but I'm told there's been nearly as much in the UK anyway so not much to brag about!) but not all that cold. No less than minus 10 I don't think.

The flight back was terrible. We cheaped out and got a connection in Amsterdam. The one inch of snow in Newcastle as we were leaving did however close the airport for three hours. So of course we missed our connection... Got to Schiphol, and queued for two hours or so to get booked on a transfer flight - and then the transfer desk closed. Fun fun. So, we had to go down to baggage claim and queue for another two hours to get a pass to a hotel room. It was now well past 2am. We then waited half an hour to get a coach to said hotel - before boredom, frustration and cigarette cravings got the better of us and we left. The next flight to Stockholm was at 7am and not knowing whether we'd be able to get on it we thought it better to wait by the ticket desk which would open again at 5.30am than to go to a hotel, sleep two hours (or, oversleep...) and then come back.

Mike dozed on the floor for a bit while we waited for the desk to open. We were second in line when they did - and they told us we'd already been transferred onto the first flight! It was a relief obviously, but still frustrating to not be told anything and having to worry all night.

That plane, too, was late setting off. About an hour. But we finally made it to Stockholm (12 hours late?)!

Just one more problem... you guessed it! Our bag was lost. So, another queue to report that. And then home - baking & socialising, 20+ people over in the evening and then - SLEEP! And the bag arrived the next day. Lucky, all the Christmas presents were in there!

That's all for now, folks.


Technolustmaxx said...

All my sources, meaning TimeOut, have told me that Stockholm's great. I can now tell you more about Midsommarkransen than I can South London.

I like your blog.

Julia said...

Thank you!

I can't say I know a lot about Midsommarkransen but then I don't know a lot about South London either... Not sure if I'm missing out on either?