Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well. I needed to write about wellies - I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I can't not do it.

First of all - I'm sorry if this upsets anyone who has/likes wellies ;) My views may be provocative, unkind and judgemental but I need to get this off my chest.*

I don't understand it. Wellies are selling out in York. I was in ASDA and they had one pair left. One pair. A lass at work said they'd driven round all the shops and couldn't find any.

Ok, it's been snowing. There has, in fact, been a lot of snow lately. So wellies sell out?? To my mind this is so incredibly illogical. Sure, wellies are pretty good at keeping the wet away from your feet. I'll admit that. Fine, wear them in the rain, in the mud at festivals, but in the snow? They're useless for keeping your feet warm.

Fine, I know, some people will be wearing woolly socks underneath. But that's not the point - let me hate in peace.

I mean... how ugly can something get?

These are... passable. Probably just cos they're red and I have a weakness for anything red...

 ...but I also have a weakness for polkadots - and these just aren't working...

These are kind of cute actually, I like the little wedge heel and the fact that they're slightly more shapely than normal wellies.

I had to add these in. It's not so much the colour - it's the heel. Chunky, clunky, thick AND pink. Never a good combination.

 ...if you had a kid, would you get these for them? I definitely would. Together with a head scarfy thing and an eye patch. I'll pass on the hook for a hand though; I'd want that to be his/her choice when old enough...


These would be cool! I'd pretend my feet were eating the sludge you brits call snow...

But if you can find me the ones below, I will be eternally grateful...

I do wonder if my childhood hatred of wellies has just carried on into adult(well, ahem)hood. There's nothing worse than being in wellies, feet nice and dry, dragging them through the sludge to get to the boat (or wherever) and suddenly stepping into a deep bit with one foot, thus draining it. Whilst the other stays nice and dry. It's like washing my hands - I can't have just one hand wet; it's both or none. But I digress. Oh, and of course there are worse things. But I love all things hyperbole.

But then there's a part of me that just wonders if my current hatred of them is due to jealousy. Maybe I too want something pretty & eccentric to put on my feet and not have people laugh and stare! Something pretty & eccentric, but not wellies...

Maybe one of these days I'll establish myself as a great fashion blogger. Great start, don't ya think?


*I am, of course, joking. I very much hope a post about wellies wouldn't upset anyone.


DepressionFromNowhere said...

Hehe, this post made me giggle. I love my GUMBOOTS (pfft...wellies =P) but that's coz they're like tartan (sp?) print and very punk!

I'm very jealous of your snow. Sounds fun!


Julia said...

The prints can make them more fun, very true.

No snow here now - it's all icy sludge. Other parts of the UK have it still though and we've had a fair bit.

It's not that much fun... It's nicer than rain and sludge though, it's a more pleasant cold than normal English winters.

Joanna said...

mine have flowers on them. but people do stare when i wear them in town... although i wouldn't dream of wearing them in the snow!