Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's raining today. It always rains when I'm geared up to walk to uni.

Presentation is coming along nicely. It's tomorrow, so that's good... I've restructured the writeup though, it didn't seem logical to do the different sections and then have to talk about the different aspects I'm looking at in each section - so now there will be a section all to do with articulation rate, one on voice quality... etc etc. It is fun work actually, I am rather enjoying it. Despite all the pissing and moaning I've been doing recently, and will be doing over the next two weeks.

So - it's raining today. The sky's a sheet of grey and there's a steady stream of tiny drops against my window. It doesn't really encourage going outside. Well, I do enjoy the odd walk in the rain. But not when I'm going somewhere.Esp not getting there and having to sit there soaked for hours. Like in Amsterdam - one morning the skies just opened up and we had a bit of a trek to/from the tram to the uni. We were completely soaked for most of the day.

But that's enough about rain.

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