Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I finished the Phonology assignment. And now I'm very close to the end of the LVC. Three cheers! Phonetics shouldn't be too hard (have done half - but keep fingers crossed for me), and then there's only revision left...

Oh, and Forensic Linguistics. I'm wondering whether this course was a bit too easy for me. No no, not my MSc (Hah! I wish..) - the part time course I'm doing. Still, I've learnt quite a bit, and as it's ling rather than speech science I've been able to look at some other things (even if some of it was very brief).

I am, however, planning on doing FL 2 as well in the spring. It'll allow me to focus on an area of my choice - and somehow I don't think I'll pick anything phoneticsy... Will probably have enough on my plate with that anyway. So - ideas welcome!

On a less fun note, my hand hurts. No clue why, it's just very painful to type (oh and I choose to spend my typing time blogging rather than essaying... clever!).

Next time I'll update you on my drunk neighbour. Maybe.


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