Sunday, December 28, 2008

I got a big chunk of my LVC essay done whilst Mike and 2 friends were playing MarioKart the other day. How odd - you'd think it'd be distracting, but it turned out better than sitting by my desk at home.

Did you know that the glottal stop only established itself in British English in the early 20th Century? Mad how it's already all but wiped out the wonderful t-to-r in Yorkshire... Random fact of the day, brought to you by a very sleepy Jahooliia.

Christmas has been great, so far. Only had half of it - on Monday we fly to (hopefully!) snowy Sweden for part 2. People have been so generous, not sure they've heard of that little thing they call the 'credit crunch' though... Maybe it's all a myth, like the moon landing or evolution.

And - not to worry - that last bit was a reference to Friends. The philosophical bible of my generation...


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