Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been meaning to write about language. About how people use language. Well, specifically how my family use language.

I've had so many ideas (generally very late at night) but sadly most of those ideas are now long gone.

But we're generally a very languagey family. And yep - didn't I just illustrate that very nicely with 'languagey'? Perhaps I should have used 'linguistic'?

Mum is probably the most talkative - that is, in giving presentation and using her language by speaking. Dad is slightly more interested in writing (however, just like me he doesn't seem to find the time...) - he is always the one asked to write song lyrics for people's 50th, for leaving celebrations and the like. My sister... well, she is a language artist. A language mangler? She definitely has a knack for twisting words, for making puns and generally using her language in inventive ways. In fact, she's got that from both mum&dad.

And me? I'm too lazy. Can't be bothered so much with the writing or with the talking. But I do love (nearly - syntax is probably the main exception) all aspects of language, and I love listening to people speak. Not always so much to what they're saying - I tend to zone out a bit at times - but I listen to how they say it.

I'm probably more of a passive linguist, whereas they're all more or less active...


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