Monday, October 13, 2008

So today I start my MSc! Well, the intro meetings etc start today - lectures next week. Oddly enough I received an email from the dept. administrator at 11pm last night about timetabling. 11pm on a Sunday? I'm very much hoping there was a sending delay and that the poor lass wasn't actually working then! Wouldn't have caught me doing that when I was working in student admin... Sunday nights are CSI Sundays you see - so I'm pretty much lost to the world ;)

Had a great weekend, Benny came up from Sunny Leeds! We walked loads and had drinks and an Italian meal. Was nice to see him, catch up a bit :) We discussed (as all Swedes - or anyone foreign for that matter - in the UK do) the 'how hard can it be' conundrum. There are certain things about this country which I'll never understand - taps for example - how can it all be cultural? Apparently there's a Facebook group if you're interested in ranting about the UK...


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