Sunday, October 26, 2008

CSI Sunday again! Best night of the week. Well, TV-wise anyway.

Am waiting for some mince to thaw so I can make meatballs. Starting to get hungry though so might have to hurry it up a bit. Don't have any lingonberry jam so will have to have sticky pasta and ketchup! Yum yum.

Mike bought me some flashy headphones yesterday - yay! The speakers on my laptop are so rubbish, so I was fearing having to go up to the labs at uni every time I wanted to do any listening work... This is much better - isn't he a sweetie? :)

I've started planning christmas presents for people. Gonna make most of them I think (I know I say that every year, shuddup!) so get your orders in people! It saves a bit of money plus it keeps my hands


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