Friday, August 29, 2008

Well! After complaining to PhonePayPlus (OfCOMs partners) I phoned O2 about my lovely texts and they were very helpful! Said they'd investigate and try to get me my money back (they took £9 off in total before they drained my credit...). I'm worried about topping up in case they start texting again. Really can't be doing with this kind of rubbish to be honest, it's just a pain. Apparently, most calls to the O2 customer service line is to do with these premium rate text 'services'. It's disgusting! Anyhoo - I'll stop ranting about that for now, but I'll keep you updated on my riveting run-ins with the corporate world...

As for the course I was on about - they will look into my case on Monday. So fingers crossed everybody!!

We've just bought a TV and a computer (the latter to be used as a server - yay!) and are going to pick them up tomorrow. If there's time, I think we're also going to IKEA tomorrow. So exciting!! I love all this housey stuff. Wish we could paint! I'd be good at painting.

It's Mike's birthday on Tuesday. Sadly he's working during the day, but I'm wondering whether to cook him dinner or take him out. If cooking - any recipe ideas?

I've gotten started on the other part time course I'll be doing this Autumn - it's Forensic Linguistics (not to be confused with my masters - Forensic Speech Science) so it doesn't look too hard considering my experience there. But it'll be a good way of getting into it! The course doesn't actually start until 17th Sept - but I thought I might as well do the reading and draft the essays now as I think come 20th Oct I'll be kinda busy... the FL course runs into January, but is only 25% so another 7.5 ECTS points.

Speaking of those... Will you also keep your fingers crossed that I've passed the courses I did over the summer? Witness Psychology - should find out in 2 weeks or less; and that IT course I never seem to manage to finish... I never thought I'd find it this hard! I don't know actually if it's difficult or if it just bores me senseless. I think the latter...

Walked into town today, it's been roasting! Though no sun - a sheet of grey in the sky and a nice film of sweat on my brow. Got some bargains in H&M though - got a top and a jacket in the sale - sale price was supposed to be £22 for both - somehow I got them for £10! The lady asked if they were in the 2 for 1 sale - in my dozy way I didn't really register what she'd asked until after I'd nodded. But I didn't feel it was my place to correct her after that :)


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