Friday, September 12, 2008

Well well. I've just worked 2 days with HR at the council. It's pretty interesting, though I've been doing mostly spreadsheets... I'm sure it'll pick up though, everyone's really nice!

Got my results for the Witness Psychology today - C. How lame! 73% is apparently a C in the Bologna system. Bit of a change from British unis where anything above 70% is a first... Oh well, at least it's better than an E, and the course directors claims it's the equivalent of a VG in the 'old' Swedish system. Sooo I guess I shouldn't complain! Lol.

Got a couple of registrations with some temping agencies next week, hopefully I should never have to struggle for temp work this year. My manager at the moment strongly implied that if they had the funds they would hire me one day a week, which is a good sign!

I've done some sewing, made a very pretty skirt that I should sell... Will see! It's one of those that I *know* I'll never wear, but I love the fabric so much I wanna keep it... Maybe I'll set up that etsy shop after all.


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