Thursday, June 21, 2007

So... grad ball is on Monday. I've not yet finished my dress, oops! Will do though. Soon...

Cousin is getting married tomorrow, congrats!! It's also Midsummer's eve... which if I was in Sweden would mean meatballs, dancing around an erect penis (don't ask..) and drinking. Fun!

Getting my results in a week, can't wait. I hate waiting! It's just not my thing. Keep your fingers crossed for me anyway.

If your native language isn't English and you feel like doing me a favour, please please let me know. I shall love you forever!



ant said...

saw ya facebook ball photos - looked like you and ya crew had a good night. Never bothered with all that shite myself. Ive written a few blog entries for the first time in aeons! Its all these early adjournments leavin me with time to do nowt but think loads of shite!

Joanna said...

shouldn't it be "if i were in sweden?" didn't you get a 2.1?