Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Alright then!

So I can't remember when I last wrote. I suppose I could check, but I'm not gonna.

Have now finished uni. Just waiting for my results... Gah! Fingers crossed:) Currently working in a call centre, only for a few weeks. It's money. Not too bad, but long hours.

Actually, I don't get that expressions. I like it, but it doesn't make sense. Or.. I guess it does. Time is all relevant, isn't it? Maybe the world does spin faster for me when I'm having fun and hence it feels like time goes faster. I'd love to be good at relativity. Physics.

It's really nice and warm out. I'm sleeping with my windows open and I'm still boiling. Summer... Tis great, though working 9-18 isn't so great. Ah well! Mike's moving in soon, prob won't take on any jobs after that - though we'll see. I just want a long ass holiday, I've worked hard enough this year!

And on that note I'm bored of writing. TTFN!

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Joanna said...

yeehaa julia's free