Friday, July 08, 2011

Old cat lady.

I went to visit my friend Gill from uni a while back. It was just for a night, and I don't see much of her anymore (boo!!) so it was really lovely to see her.

On the Sunday we were sat in her living room for a while, chatting and eating splatted pie and their cat jumped up on the armrest of the chair I was sat on. I started petting it and after a while it climbed carefully onto my lap and sat there.

Now, this was pretty amazing. Not that a cat had climbed onto my lap, but that THIS cat had done. You see, this was very much my friend's grandma's cat. Her grandma passed away quite recently and since then the cat has not been close to anyone. Even before grandma passed she wouldn't give anyone else the time of day.

So for this gorgeous cat to sit on my lap - and later, actually LIE DOWN and let me stroke it for absolutely ages was pretty amazing. Gill was in shock. I was in shock. I'm not much of an animal lover, having never really been around them I'm not used to them. But this was so nice.

When I came home I told Mike what had happened. His first comment was 'must be because you're such an old lady.'


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Radio Waves said...

Definitely old. ;)