Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My name is Julia.

I am currently 26 years old (had to edit that then...)
I am good at crafty stuff. And reading.
I don't like headaches, racism and tuna.

I am really bad at speaking in public.

I'm reading Guardian of Eden by Leslie DuBois. Very very very very good.

I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
I sing a lot. Mostly in my head.
I love Mike. My family. Polka dots.
I wish people could be just that little bit nicer to each other.
I'm not very good at dancing but I do it anyway.
I like talking about stuff.
I'm addicted to mints. Though I've not had any in ages. Does it still count?

I'm wearing a turquoise flowery dress, red tights and brown shoes.

I drink mostly water. I would like to try Fanta strawberry and kiwi though...

I'm listening to nothing but traffic.

I get angryat injustice.
I'm scared of spiders, rollercoasters and losing those closest to me.
I can't understand how people can hate others based on their religion, faith, ethnicity, colour... you get the picture.
I'm embarrassingly bad at doing press ups and running for buses.
I grew up in Sollentuna.
I own four polka dot dresses. Two black, two brown.
I eat food, mostly.
I say yes to
everyone. Most of the time.
I rarely start something
I get annoyed at people stirring or picking fights. Idle gossip.
I am the most beautiful girl in this room today.
I laugh at funny things...
I'm a typical old lady.
I have never been to Asia.
I am happy that I get to live with Mike and see him every single day.
I don't enjoy when Joanna or Mike push on the bottom of my nose.
I love to read. Write. Hug. Smile.
I appreciate honesty. Kindness.
I believe in the goodness in all people.

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