Monday, October 12, 2009

On the road.

I like walking home. Not only is it over 7000 steps (lol) but you get to see so much.

A couple of girls were walking in the other direction, and one of them was swinging this rope (I know...), slapping it against the fences as she walked along. I had a feeling she wouldn't stop as she walked past me so I made eye contact with her as we were coming closer to each other. She slowed down her rope swinging. But still hit me with it. I got a half hearted 'sorry' as she stomped off. Lovely people.

Not five minutes down the road some chav started shouting at me from across the road. I ignored him (as you do) until he did an Ali G impression. Not to bad, either. I stopped, smiled and waved at him. I think that confused him cos he hesitantly waved back and went bright red. Fun times.

One of the horses is still kept in that ditch behind Morrissons. I don't get why. Took a photo - not sure if I should contact the RSPCA or something? I've seen it a few times now - and I don't profess to know a lot about how animals should be kept but I'm pretty sure that a ditch full of rubbish is not the proper place to keep a horse? Please correct me if I'm wrong...