Sunday, October 18, 2009

Horsey Horserson + friend.

I don't know if I've mentioned the horse I walk past to/from work? It's stood in this ditch by the side of a big road. It's fenced in, so I don't think the horse has been in any danger from the traffic. But the ditch is full of rubbish, and there's not a lot of flat space for the horse to walk on. I also thought the grass looked really dire. I was slightly concerned, and decided to go up there at night to check if it was being kept there after dark. Now there were two horses!!

So, not knowing the first thing about horses (or any animals, at all) I decided to ring the RSPCA. I was slightly disheartened by the response I got - it was pretty dismissive, and the lady told me it's not illegal. She encouraged me to phone the council instead. Understand I'm not complaining about the RSPCA, I know they don't have the resources to check out everything reported to them and I know they do a great job. But as someone who doesn't know anything about horses, I'd have appreciated someone to take the time to actually talk this over with me, you know?

So I rang World Horse Welfare. The lady sounded concerned - she said they may not be able to do anything, but could I email them some photos and they could evaluate it from there? I did, and a few hours later another lady phoned me back and gave me a good 15 minutes of her time, explaining that whilst they would not recommend a horse to be kept like that, there's nothing they can do at this stage. She explained to me how to see if a horse is under/overweight and asked if I was able to check every now and again - and also to let them know if there's glass or any other rubbish the horses could hurt themselves on. She said if I wanted to phone the council that might be a good idea but unless it's council land they prob won't do anything - and even if it is they still might not. She also pointed out that it's good the horses are in such a public area (big roads, cycle and walk path going past, big supermarket across the road) cos if they were being mistreated someone would report it.

I'm pleased she gave me some of her time, and that they listened to my concerns even if it was clear I had no clue what I was talking about.

My friend Horsey Horserson.

Horsey Horserson's friend

 Where they're kept.

Zoomed out a bit.

 I did feel like a bit of an idiot for being so worried but am glad I did pursue it. If nothing else I now know not to be worried, you know?

...and if the owners read this (haha - doubtful!) I'd like to apologise for being so suspicious ;)


Aliquant said...

Yay you for persevering, lots of peeps would just ignore it. And yay to the nice peeps at the Horse Welfare place!
*waves at the horsies* they're lovely pics =]

Anonymous said...

So many would have walked on by and not given it a second thought. I'm glad you took the time to phone. I phoned up the rspca when out walking by dog the other day.A swan had flown into electric wires and although my friends believed it was dead I still made that call. Thank God I did because the swan wasn't dead, it had broken wings and is now recovering at the bird sanctiaray nearby.

Think its always best to make the call, I'd rather be wrong about something than to think something could be suffering.

Well done you :)