Friday, November 09, 2007

Hi everybody!

It's cold outside now. And it's rainy. And it's windy. I didn't realise the skirt I wore yesterday was quite so flarey until a car honked at me. Not to worry, I was wearing thick tights underneath.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. Fun times! Not sure if I'll just trim or do a proper style - it's getting quite long and I like it. But I've had the same hair (well, the same sort of non-style) forever now. I'm just such a girl...

Mum&Dad are coming over Friday! Yay! Going to see the UoM String Orchestra, and possibly Tommy Steele in Dr Doolittle - if there are tickets left. Hahaha. Could be fun. Maybe?

I'm thinking of making all my Christmas presents this year. But will I? You'll have to let me know what you want. Although to be fair, I won't be giving out many presents so best not get your hopes up:P

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