Friday, November 18, 2011


We recently bought a slow cooker and it's amazing. So the second soup I decided to make would - obviously - be a root veg one. You know, just like mum used to do.

And I chopped my veg and added some lentils and honey and chilis and other fun stuff (which I'm not sure if mum used to do?) and left it cooking overnight. Got up this morning and blended it all together and tasted it.

Ohmygodit'ssohot. I had it for lunch with 2 GLASSES OF MILK. Milk. Milk!!

It'll do me good I'm sure... Cleanse my aura or something.


Radio Waves said...

Oh, any more details on that recipe?

We got a slow cooker at's great and brings a nice smell to the house over night. :P

Julia said...

It's just any and all root veg you can find - carrots, parsnips, swede, onion... add salt, pepper whilst cooking, afterwards blend it all so it's a thick, smooth soup and mix some mascarpone cheese in, or creme fraiche. And then some honey and herbs! namnamnam.

Radio Waves said...

Thanks :) Any quantities? ;) What's your liquid, veg stock? Much honey?