Monday, April 04, 2011


Yesterday was a typical Sunday. Slow. Lie-in. Some bad TV (Back to the future 2. Seriously). Supermarket. Looking at glasses. Some yummy food:

Roast veg couscous with grapes. This is so easy. And so gorgeous. For those who speak Swedish as a second, third or 14th language, here's an approximate translation:

4 dl couscous (uncooked)
400g cherry tomatoes
200g green grapes
small aubergine
a couple of red peppers
raw chorizo (we used 6 small ones)
a fennel or cauliflower (definitely fennel!)
a leek and/or onion
couple of parsnips
150g feta cheese
greek yoghurt.

Now the recipe says don't cook the couscous first, but I did and it was great so that's what I'd recommend. Spread the couscous over a largeish (deep) baking tray, cut all the veg and stuff and cover the couscous. Crumble feta cheese on top. Pop in the oven for near enough an hour. Serve with yoghurt (recipe says 'and coriander' but I say coriander should never be eaten so I'd say 'and basil or other fresh herb).

We've just put in whatever veg we've had in the fridge really so don't worry if you're missing any of the ingredients above. Don't miss the fennel + grapes though!

Check out Om jag var din hemmafru for more great recipes (and use the google translate function...)

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Mycket trevligt Jag kommer förmodligen hämta den. Tack