Monday, March 14, 2011

Pointless moan / I despair at people sometimes.

I went to Morrisson's the other day. For those not in the UK - think slightly pricier grocery store, though not overly posh. At all. Especially not this one...

I was walking past the checkouts, behind the queues. A lady was coming towards me with a big trolley so obviously I moved out of the way a bit, so she wouldn't hit me. In doing so, I bumped into a lady who was queueing for the checkouts as she moved her elbow out into my way. I immediately apologised, more than once, and I asked if she was ok. In response I got the dirtiest look I think I've ever had from anyone.

Ok, so I did bump into her. And I'm sure that wasn't pleasant. But seriously, it happens. And I apologised.

And after getting that horrible look I apologised again. Still, all I got was a look of disgust.

Bless Mike - always sticking up for me - gave her an equally nasty look back. My hero ;) (ok, that last part is just to embarrass him as he does read this blog. Gushygushygooo)

There's just no need to be like that. And I bet my arm hurt more than her elbow. Even if someone bumps into me, startles me or even hurts me; as long as they apologise/acknowledge that they've done it, I can move on from that and put it behind me. Because to be fair, it's not like I punched her in the face, kicked her on the shin with my Doc Marten's or threw a watermelon at her head.

Rar. This wouldn't have happened in Asda!


Radio Waves said...

*Issue's Morrisson's vouchers and extra pairs of Doc Martens to Julia* ;)

Dan P said...

Heh, during the snow last year I got a similar bit of dispair. I got a load of grief from someone for leaving my car in front of their drive (I couldn't move it). I apologised many times and it did nothing. They called me an inconsiderate so and so.

Julia said...

People are lame!!