Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend fun.

Have had a lovely weekend in the sun. I've missed it.

Need to start walking again; I've walked home all week but it'd be nice to walk to work too. Monday is supposed to rain though... perhaps I'll let Fi pick me up (note to self - get her something as thanks!) and see what it's like on the way back? It's easier to walk home cos if you're warm/flustered/soaked from rain when you get home that doesn't matter - it matters more if you're like that when you get to work!

On a different note, I keep meaning to make muffins. Someone just told me he made cookies this weekend - I want cookies!

Having a fairly lazy Sunday night, CSI NY on TV now, Desperate Housewives in half an hour... Have had early nights all weekend but a fair bit to drink so have been knackered - so I think another early(ish) night is in order.

We've also been to view some houses - they've not been great if I'm honest. Two of the three we saw were nice, but very small. One claimed to have a kitchen/diner, the other a dining/lounge. Neither of them would fit a table - especially not ours. Don't want to get rid of our lovely table though!!

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