Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Been a while!

Since we last spoke/I last wrote, I have: Graduated (2.1, not too unexpected), turned 22 (waaah!), went to Sweden with Mike (yay) and moved to Manchester. I would write more about all these, but can't promise I will. Anyhoo.

Living in a studio flat in central Manch at the moment. It's pretty good, a few glitches consisting of a broken stove (cooker? Pah!), cracks in bathroom floor, mould in bathroom etc. Most of it was fixed pretty quickly though, and the room is really nice so I've decided to like it, despite it being absolutely tiny. I mean, cosy. It's all blue, with blue curtains and tiles and notice boards... and we all know I like blue! Well, if you didn't, you do now. We have an orangey bedspread, a red cosy lamp and a green rug, and the general impression is just.. lovely. Haha, interesting, eh? I'll post pictures soon. Maybe.

It was amazingly hot in Sweden. We stayed in Stockholm nay on two weeks, then went down south to my summer house for a week. Went to a safari park (where we saw 2 boars, a bird and some deer. Or similar), lay in the sun and got a tiny bit burnt, went swimming (nearly 20C! Niiiice!). Cibbe and Ellinor came down from Lund for a day, went rowing - and I managed to avoid having to do any physical work, score! - mini golf (would say crazy golf, but it really wasn't that crazy...) which I didn't win... shockingly enough. And we had pizza.

Saw loads of people in Stockholm, had a bit of a BBQ which was fun, catching up and that. Again, might post some pics... Maybe.

I'd like to say I've got a job by now. But nooo... Applied for literally hundreds though, so keep fingers crossed for me, please.


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