Friday, April 13, 2007

My mum's uncle passed away the other week. I hope he's getting his rest now - he deserves it. He was old, it was expected and probably for the best (not in a horrible way, at all), but there's still that emptiness.

Am going home for the funeral - so all you lovely people in Stockholm and around, clear your schedules for the 26-29 of April.

The job hunt continues... I don't want to jinx it so won't givve any details. Bah. Stylistics is one of the more uninspiring courses I've done. It's been easy enough so far though, so I should technically be able to finish this essay! Where is my motivation? Ah, the age old question. Who needs motivation when there are deadlines?

It's been so warm and summery lately, I'm loving it! Though I'm currently sat in a cardigan and Homer-slippers. It is, after all, half seven.

Aaand.. back to my essay I go, hey ho, hey ho.

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