Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well so... as usual, I've not written in ages. You've survived! Amazing.

It's very very cold here in Sunny Lancaster. No snow though! Yey. Got lots to do what with a dissertation due fair soon, and creative writing after that. All fun though, be it very hard. Oh, and let's not forget Stylistics. I won't comment further on whether I enjoy that or not until I get my grades back from last term. Haha.

In the process of trying to find a flat in Manchester for next year. Anyone know anything fairly central and very cheap, do let me know! Can't wait to move in with my Mike... :)

Am considering applying for a Masters. Would love to do a PhD but I'm not at all prepared or confident enough of the subject at the moment so will wait and see what happens. Having a full time job would be good though - getting some money would, at any rate... Same there, you have anything good lined up for me, let me know.

This will have to be all from this Julia for tonight, I am a busy bee. Planning on completing my lit review tonight, and my methodology section tomorrow. And maybe even figuring out how on Earth to make that website I need?? God help me. And my computer is starting to lag loads, very frustrating. Needs a restart methinks!

Have a good one!

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Joanna said...

whoa it's like this cosmic thing... i'm looking for a new apartment too, AND it's really really cold here! it's getting more and more obvious that we're related. but we have snow. 22 degrees below zero this morning when i walked to school. glad you're back, have missed your blog!